Spill the Tea


We’re A Little Weird

It’s time to spill the tea about marketing today: Weird is back. It’s a world of influencers, change-makers and disruptors out there. To stand out, you’ve got to be different. At Sticky Ad Agency, we take pride in being a little bold. It’s all in our name: The best brands stick to you.

Out of the blocks, our team will work with you to identify what sets your brand apart. From there, it’s off to the races: We work tirelessly to give you our best and stickiest option. We’ll tell you what will work, and what won’t. We don’t believe in selling campaigns that make a quick buck. We create results that last.

Sticky is a creative ad agency located in downtown Los Angeles. Our squad of creatives, marketers, coders, social media mavens and live-event producers bring concepts to life and make brands stick. We’re also part of the Lucas Group family of companies based in Chicago and South Bend.

Sticky Life

At Sticky Creative Ad Agency, we don’t just believe in being unique—we celebrate it. Original brands with authentic passion create positive change in the world. They also create profit. That’s right, we said it—we want you to make money. We want you to be triumphant. We want to be the catalyst that pushes your brand, product, or business to success.

Sticky Life is about who we are, how we do business, and how we treat others. We strive to foster an inclusive and diverse culture built on honesty and mutual respect. Our agency lives and breathes our commitments to ethical business practice and being environmentally conscious in our global impact.

Being part of the downtown Los Angeles community, we are reminded every day of the importance of giving back. The high rate of homelessness in Los Angeles isn’t just heartbreaking, it’s a crisis. We have a vision to create a nonprofit outreach program that helps secure shelter, food stability, and a renewed way of life for all homeless people living right here in Los Angeles.