Capno is a free app for iOS and Android that makes it fast and easy for consumers to find their favorite legal cannabis shop. Dubbed the “Google of cannabis,” we designed Capno with fun and diversity-focused branding to help bring the cannabis industry into a more modern, tech-centric realm.

Brand Creation
App Design
Traditional &

We designed the Capno app to be easy-to-use, with clean layouts and pops of color that create a fun digital environment. The vision was an intuitive in-app experience that would be easy to navigate by anyone, from millennials to baby boomers and beyond.

The B2C Capno brand is all about connecting a diverse community to their favorite legal cannabis dispensaries. We wanted diversity to be a primary focus of both traditional and non-traditional marketing, including billboards, online ads and targeted social media campaigns. Bold, clean colors and inclusive representation were vital to the aesthetic and overall brand. The Capno app has successfully attracted current and new consumers to an industry that is growing every day.