Creating lust-worthy looks and stunning visuals for NARS Cosmetics was a beauty-obsessed design task. We created an experiential space that gave way to an environmental beauty explosion: the true NARSissist experience. So go ahead, be a NARSissist (you sexy thang).

Experiential &

Our concept and design work behind this experiential exhibit formed the basis of our B2B and B2C advertising and creation for NARS Cosmetics. From product packaging to visual art and booth design, this experience was built around a cohesive brand message.

Working from an array of skin and makeup tones, we brought a vibrant color palette to life with structural-based representation. The sleek design of our trade show booth showcased the product and packaging, while splashy marketing visuals and structural colors attracted the attention of a broad demographic of consumers interested in NARS products. The free product samples and professional makeup artist onsite were just icing on the cake for all of our little NARSissists.