Brand Creation
& Advertising

We developed the concept and design for an off-road trailer creation for OUTLIER, a rugged lifestyle brand made for the wild. Targeted at the adventurist consumer demographic, our work showcased how OUTLIER goes where others can’t.

Make no mistake: this isn’t your dad’s Winnebago. OUTLIER is made for the wild, and we wanted to showcase some of the most extreme and beautiful environments that this brand calls home. The aspirational concept behind this campaign brought these trailers out to remote destinations for video and photo ad creation across multiple platforms.

Our color models were inspired by nature, with variations based on the elements of earth, fire, water and air. Unconventional wrap designs on the trailers grabbed the attention of younger and older demographics alike. The advertising featured big, bold visuals that transported consumers to untamed new worlds. OUTLIER is visually disrupting an industry that’s been doing it the same way for a long time. And they make it feel like an adventure.