UI / UX Design, Web & Mobile, E-commerce Design & E-mail Marketing

We were tasked with rebranding Power Manufacturing, including a new e-commerce site with all the bells and whistles. From delivering the go-to-market strategy and data analytics to bespoke design services, photo shoots and web development, we partnered with Power Manufacturing at every step to reinvent their business into an online sensation.

Power Manufacturing offers a full lineup of after-market replacement parts for coach and transit vehicles, from bumpers to taillights (and almost everything in-between). We needed to create an e-commerce experience that could appeal to both warehouse managers and B2B customers alike. Needless to say, it was a delightful challenge.

Creating an enduring brand and a user-friendly website were our key priorities. From the strong geometric design of the logo to offering critical e-commerce functionality, we wanted everything to feel trustworthy yet modern. The site itself is a well-oiled machine thanks to the integration of BigCommerce, Salesforce and QuickBooks, among many other crucial platforms. Online quotes, delivery options, automated website responses and live-chat provided the robust capabilities that have led to sustained growth in site traffic and online sales.