Packaging Design
Traditional & Non-traditional

Coffee is one of the largest consumer retail categories in the world. Purista is the first high-quality, affordable, hot or cold coffee concentrate available for the home. We created a beautiful retail product, as well as a brand that would stand out amongst the many coffee products at your local grocery store.

Purista Arm with Coffee

When we began to develop the concept for a concentrate coffee product, we did ample market research on consumer trends. We asked ourselves, how can we make Purista one of the top-selling coffee concentrate products on the retail shelf? From the high-legibility of the logo, to the color choices, typography, unique graphics and catchy advertising, our final designs were solely different from anyone in this space. We used playful, retro-style video and animation to highlight the fun, approachable look of the brand, even down to the design of the bottle. Purista is coffee concentrate of undeniable quality; making it appeal to an ever-growing demographic took a little quirky branding and a lot of thoughtful design.