Brand Creation &
Marketing Strategy

Being fit never goes out of style. And in the modern gym, science is the new sexy. We wanted to tell that story in a fresh way for the relaunch of The Phoenix Effect, a brand built on the science of circuit training and fueled by the passion of its members.


The Phoenix Effect isn’t a brand for the faint of heart, and neither was this campaign.

Traditional and nontraditional marketing strategies were used to boost sales and drive membership growth for this edgy, hardcore brand.

Visually, the strong use of typography, colors and graphics were designed to grab the attention of health enthusiasts, a savvy demographic that moves fast. We used current gym members as models in the advertising, which leveraged the pride and authenticity at the heart of this brand. We also refreshed the look of their website with a clean new layout that’s attractive yet simple, making it easier than ever to book sessions and buy workout packages—a key focus of the B2C campaign. At the end of the day, this sweaty project successfully attracted new clients to The Phoenix Effect and helped cement their brand as a staple of the L.A. health and fitness scene.