creating a movement
and a brand from the
ground up…

Weden, a cannabis brand created for all people, was a uniting idea of genius. From logo design, web, social media, email marketing, traditional and non-traditional marketing, retail store design, delivery marketing, billboards, ads, and even events… Weden is truly a place where we all matter.

We were tasked with launching an inclusive cannabis movement, right here in California. From the brand’s inclusive, utopian name, to its use of typography, psychology of colors, diverse visuals, promo videos, billboards, retail interior and exterior design, kiosk layouts, delivery marketing, packaging, ads, social strategy, retail clothing, and so much more, Weden was our chance to help build a thriving movement for the acceptance and modernization of cannabis in our time.

We created a brand and aesthetic that has made cannabis more approachable for every generation. A place hip enough to create Instagrammable moments but inviting enough for your mom to explore. We created this brand for all people, and all levels of experience with cannabis. Weden is where WE all matter.